Cigars link up with The A&R Department

It's been a busy couple of weeks for the band, and it all culminated this week with the news that we've signed on to work with The A&R Department in Sydney, who will play a big part in the release of Mystery Highway in the coming weeks.

The A&R Department is dedicated to seeking out and developing local Australian artists, getting some of this country's great music heard not just locally, but around the world. Check out this clip to understand a little more about them.

And here's a blurb from The A&R Department's website

"The A&R Department was founded by Matt O’Connor, the Managing Director at The A&R Department and former Head of A&R at Warner Music Australia.

"Matt is a music industry veteran with over 25 years experience who over his career has written, produced and developed some of the biggest acts in Australian music, building an enviable reputation for discovering, nurturing, and developing exciting new talent.

"Through The A&R Department, Matt has been able to devote himself entirely to his passion for independent Australian music, sharing his industry experience and empowering artists to make great music and get it heard. Matt has worked with artists such as Harts, Meg Mac, Safia, The Occupants, Magic Bones, Beautiful Girls, Savage, Shihad, Sparkadia, Disco Montego and Thirsty Merc."

Good on ya, Matt, and everyone at A&R!! We're super excited and thrilled to be working with you.