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Recording at Church Street 

We went back to where it all began to record our upcoming single, Switch Me Off — Church Street Studios with our old buddy Sean Carey

The song is probably our most ambitious to date, and Sean was the first person we went to in order to get the sound we all dreamed of. Long-time fans will remember Sean engineered and co-produced our debut EP Mystery Highway back in 2015. He's an absolute gun, and what we've come up with this time is something really special that we can't wait to share with you soon. 

Switch Me Off is a song about addiction, and it pulls no punches. That required the absolute best of us in terms of performance, and we knew we'd get nothing less than the best from Sean at Church Street. 

We'll be putting the track out very soon and have plans for our first video clip in the works, too.

Listen: Sincere Karma is out now 

Our new single Sincere Karma is OUT NOW, and we're thrilled. Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play, and please give us a review wherever you come across it.


We'd like to say a huge thank you to The Brain Studios in Sydney for all the hard work helping us record and produce this track. We had a ball and would highly recommend Clay and the team there to anyone. Also, massive thanks to Golden Robot Records for handing us the honour of being the first artist on it new sub-label X-Ray Records. We'll do you proud.

Lastly, thanks to all of you, our fans, for always being there. Without your love and support, life would be so much more shit :)

Catch you at the live launch THIS SATURDAY 30 June at Frankie's Pizza in Sydney. Details here.

We'll also be bringing it down to Melbourne for a show at Whole Lotta Love Bar on Thursday 19 July. You'll see details of that show on the SHOWS page, too.


Sincere Karma launch coming up 

Great news, folks!! We've now set a date for the launch of our new single, and it's not too far away.  

Saturday, 30 June will see us hit the stage at our favourite Sydney hangout, Frankie's Pizza, for a huge celebration as we let loose a brand new track — Sincere Karma.  

Even more exciting — this will be the FIRST EVER single to be released on X-Ray Records, a new subsidiary of Golden Robot Records, the label behind classic Aussie acts like Rose Tattoo, The Superjesus and many more. We're super pumped to have their support, and can't wait to make more future announcements about our second single and a bit of touring action — yes Melbourne, we're coming back!!  

Until then, we'll see you all at Frankie's on 30 June for one massive party!!! All the details are on our SHOWS page. 

Rock on!!

Brand new single in the can  

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally finished recording a brand new single, which we'll be officially releasing in a few months.  

The track is Sincere Karma, and while we've been playing it for a while at our live shows, we've only just had the opportunity to get in the studio and record it. In fact it's the first studio recording we've done since Mystery Highway back in 2015, and as most of our fans know, a fair bit has changed for us in that time.  

Here's a sneak peak, with more to come soon. 

Most significantly, of course, our line-up has changed twice, and since we've now become very settled with two guitar-duelling superstars, we figured it was time to lay down some of the goodness Figgy and Stefano have brought to COTP for all the world to hear.. 

We headed into The Brain Studios in Sydney, where Clayton Segelov and Matt Clarke were on hand to engineer and help produce the track, which we managed to finish in little more than a day. 

Honestly, we could not be happier with how it's all turned out. Clay and Matt are true masters of their trade and captured some seriously incredible sounds for us, and we thank them enormously for their amazing work. 

Speaking of playing live, we've got a couple of big shows coming up to kick off the new year in style. The first is at Frankie's Pizza in Sydney on 27 January, which is the Australia Day long weekend, so we know it's going to be a big night. The second is on 16 February at The Townie in Newtown. You'll hear Sincere Karma in full at both those shows, as well as a whole heap of other tunes and a few cheeky surprises we've been working on. 

Can't wait to see you all there.

Mystery Highway earning rave reviews  

Cigars Of The Pharaoh at Oxford Arts Factory | Pic: Meredith Schofield



It's been a busy few weeks in the Cigars camp, and there were some serious fireworks at our Mystery Highway single launch at Oxford Arts Factory last Friday night. The room was packed, we were pumped, and the vibe before, during and after the show was absolutely awesome.

Our best buddy photographer Meredith Schofield was there to capture some more amazing images, which you can check out here.

On top of that, the track has been receiving rave reviews so far, which we couldn't be happier about.

We particularly liked this line from the Emerging Indie Bands blog, which reads: "This is music to enjoy along with a bottle of whisky, a cheroot and a game of poker."

We couldn't agree more, and Toby was happy you labelled his percussion as "muscle-flexing", too!!


The AU Review handed us Single Of The Day honours last week, too. "This is a riff-heavy track that from the first note will make you stop and think, 'Well, that was definitely something'. Give it a listen," they wrote.

Rock And Roll Creations gave us some love, too, calling Mystery Highway a "fuzzy monster of a track as the vocals groove over this delicious sound".

They continued: "With touches of that old school rock, this single is set to ensure the band explodes on to a wider music scene."


Rock And Roll Creations reviews Mystery Highway

Rock And Roll Creations reviews Mystery Highway

Cas also had a chat on Sydney's 2RRR radio on Saturday night, too, which was good enough to give the track another spin for its audience.

We couldn't be more grateful for all the great feedback we're getting, and too everyone that made the launch last Friday such a special night for us all.

We're off to Melbourne next week for a couple of shows — see the Shows page for details — and can't wait to get there to give our fans down there a taste of it all.

Stream Mystery Highway below and remember to sign up to our mailing list for all the latest news and, every now and then, FREEBIES!!

Mystery Highway Launch is set 

It seems like only yesterday we were in the studio recording our debut EP, Mystery Highway. Well, today we can excitedly announce that the launch for the first single from that record is all booked and set for take-off.

Thanks to The A&R Department, we'll be launching the title track as our first single at Sydney's awesome Oxford Art Factory. Details of the gig are on our Shows page, so make sure you head there to check it all out, and put a big fat mark in your diaries.

We'll be headlining the night, and there will be fantastic support from Bottlecock, Elia Fell and Angus C Crowley, too, so it's shaping up to be something truly special.

Be there, or miss out on seeing one of Australia's freshest new rock acts take the world by storm.

Hear Cigars Of The Pharaoh on Triple M this Sunday 

If you're a regular Triple M listener, you'll know DJ Ugly Phil runs a great show called Homegrown on Sundays, and this week, he's added Cigars Of The Pharaoh to his playlist.

Tune into the programme from 6pm on 104.9 FM on 23 August and keep an ear out for Mystery Highway. The show is also repeated on Wednesdays, so if you miss Sunday's airing, no need to panic. So it's true what they say - Triple M ROCKS!!

Remember, too, you can get a FREE DOWNLOAD of that track in full via our Music page. Just sign up to the mailing, and we'll send you back a download link Too easy.

Cigars link up with The A&R Department 

It's been a busy couple of weeks for the band, and it all culminated this week with the news that we've signed on to work with The A&R Department in Sydney, who will play a big part in the release of Mystery Highway in the coming weeks.

The A&R Department is dedicated to seeking out and developing local Australian artists, getting some of this country's great music heard not just locally, but around the world. Check out this clip to understand a little more about them.

And here's a blurb from The A&R Department's website

"The A&R Department was founded by Matt O’Connor, the Managing Director at The A&R Department and former Head of A&R at Warner Music Australia.

"Matt is a music industry veteran with over 25 years experience who over his career has written, produced and developed some of the biggest acts in Australian music, building an enviable reputation for discovering, nurturing, and developing exciting new talent.

"Through The A&R Department, Matt has been able to devote himself entirely to his passion for independent Australian music, sharing his industry experience and empowering artists to make great music and get it heard. Matt has worked with artists such as Harts, Meg Mac, Safia, The Occupants, Magic Bones, Beautiful Girls, Savage, Shihad, Sparkadia, Disco Montego and Thirsty Merc."

Good on ya, Matt, and everyone at A&R!! We're super excited and thrilled to be working with you.

Unveiled: Here's the Mystery Highway cover art 

Today is a big day. Our debut EP, Mystery Highway, has gone in to Troy Horse in Sydney to be printed and pressed, and that means we'll soon have the most awesome new record in town in our dirty little paws within about a fortnight. We're hoping to have it just in time for our show with Silver Cream Insanity on 29 August.

To celebrate, here's a sneak peak at the cover art, designed by the awesome Jacalin Ding with equally awesome photography provided by Meredith Schofield.

To take a listen to the tracks, head to the Music page, and remember if you sign up to our mailing list, you'll get a free download of the title track.

Debut EP Mystery Highway is complete 

The boys with producer Sean Carey (centre) | Pic: Meredith Schofield



Mystery Highway
Never Leave You
I Am The Wizard
Life Of Sin

The boys will play these songs and more at their next show when they support Silver Cream Insanity at the Lewisham Hotel in Sydney on 29 August. Check out the Music page for a sneak preview of them all. Remember to sign up for the mailing list, too. When you do, you'll get a full track to download and rock out to.

A quick thanks once again to Sean Carey, picture with the band above, who recorded and co-produced the tracks at Church Street Studios with some seriously amazing skills. Also, thanks to Steve Smart at Studios 301, who mastered everything so beautifully.